How to make the right choice when eating out!?

It starts with choosing the right restaurant – preview the menu before you choose the place to make sure they have variety to choose from. In case that you are not the one choosing the place, that’s ok….there are ways not to break your routine.

When looking at the menu – make sure to review the appetizers because sometimes combining 2 -3 appetizers does the trick. Then review the rest of the menu and keep in mind that most places serve variety of protein and veggie choices.

Let’s say that you really like their grilled chicken option but it is dipped in bbq sauce – you can tell the server that you like that meal but would prefer to not have any bbq sauce. They will say ok – trust me! Or lets say you are at a burger place – EVERY burger place has lettuce or some type of a salad mix. And even if you do not want to eat a salad, you can tell them that you want the burger but without the bun (if you are being carb conscious or counting calories).

MOST IMPORTANTLY – chefs in most restaurants love a challenge!! I promise you that. So, you can with total certainty ask to have grilled meat/fish/plane steak with a side of veggies and they will say YES! I do it all the time my friends and it never fails. Chefs find pride in making simple meals taste great and seeing you come back for more. It’s their way of letting you know they are good at their craft.

Any questions – feel free to email me. Need this in another language – let me know!


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